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Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

Dear Member, 

The Membership renewal date has been extended from when we re-open on the 17th May for 1 month you can renew your membership. After this time, anyone wishing to renew wil lbe charged the full rate of £30 for Full membership or £15 for OAP membership if you qualify. 

Annual subscriptions are always a significant form of income for the Club and are needed now more than ever, we would still like you to pay as soon as you can.

In the current circumstances, the discounted rate of £20, if paid before the 17th June will apply for full memberships and for those members, we will put on your card £6 to spend in the club to make up the shortfall from last year that we have been closed. Anyone not renewing after this date the normal full rate of £30 will apply.

As senior members already receive a heavily discounted rate of £5 per year for those aged 65 years and over, we are not planning on putting anything on your cards as they are already heavily discounted. But if membership is not renewed before the 17th June 2021 the normal renewal fee of £15 will apply.

Subscriptions can be paid in the following ways: 

  • BACS: Belmont Conservative Club   Account No. 50165212 Sort code. 20-84-17 


              Payment Reference: Membership no. (on your card) plus as much of your surname
              as can be entered. 
              Payment by cheque can also be made – Please make payable to Belmont Conservative Club and post to The Secretary, Belmont                          Conservative Club, 31-33 Station Road, Belmont, Surrey, SM2 6BX.